Shares of Beautiful

There are many sights to Wonderful many names to God many views to Life There are many hues to Colourful many sounds to Earth many believes to Men and all

The courage of a rebel’s mind

cloudswimming, sunsinging wallshifting, treelifting Who says if all is set and done when just one voice can crack the dawn? goldbreaking, tearbaking muddancing, lightlancing Who sets the rules of whole

Quest for Queendom

This post was written for Sakshis’ Blog, which you can find here. She is (in her own words) “An Electrical Engineer by profession, A poet at heart, A drama queen in real

Wretched Easter

It tosses and spins my body is skins (and I cannot hold for sunbeams to crush the implacable slush) It creeks and groans my organs are bones (and I cannot

All life collapses

You (Yes, you!) who swallows that petrol until your mind turns raven-hued You thought it’ll last forevermore Mind you! Life always asks for what it’s dued D’you think the subduer

Prayer of the Weary

Shut my head block my eyes forget, forget that I’m alive. Greys of rain-twines irk my being enough, enough, you springtime fleeing! Bolt the house secure the yard recall, recall

Libretto for My Beloved

Epilogue Look me up when moonlight calls, roll me in your gentle dreams soak me with your animus and guide me through your reverie. Take me on this twilight fancy,

Of Meadows and Alleys

Let ’em out, the somber horses let ’em pound the stones and sludge let ’em run on nightfall’s ardor ’til they trampled all those forces Let ’em out, the piercing

Past and gone

Remember that snowball afternoon? You said you’d never ever sold my heart and body to the chillywet cold how I lulled myself in that cocoon So why do you think

Daylight haven

There is a murmur in the wall it burdens my soul with an eerie call ponderous thoughts are cast my way for on my brain they all will prey They

The myth of humanity

The mountains bask on violent mist to breath untainted, polished air The waters long for  pebbles on shore in quest of peace with a land dressed in anger Blood dripping

Forget the Days

FORGET THE DAYS Disappear in sand and laughter Cover my brain in cement and plaster Forget the days when black engulfs me… Then colour my world in pink and air

Angels and Demons

At times I lose track Of my demons and angels alike (Not even lights onshore blinking Luring me through a breathless blindness When all is swallowed And the heart becomes


Turtle clouds sliding up to the sky Casting a checkered spell onto earth Where to hide when windstorms loom blackly? Where to dance when airs play gently? The riddle of