Absurdity of an ordinary existence



The rains of eyes have left a stream;
the thoughts of morn upset the mist


I’ve lost my footsteps in the mud;
have searched the skies and found but void;
believes and truths have overturned


The bark of dog proclaims new light;
a virgin breeze affects the ridge;
a noble drop commends the seed;
small hopes pervade the rays of dawn


I choke until I breathe again


  1. I am visiting on one of my ‘spurts!’ I am enjoying taking in your visions and thoughts, too! Misty fog in the picture, then your words leading to rays of sun and some hopeful thoughts. Then, you feel choked, it came full circle. I think your title is excellent for this post!

  2. Your poetry is ethereal, Eva. I love the way you turn words into a work of art.

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