More Poems

At times I can hear
A whisper in the skies
Words floating in the clouds
Phrases riding on the winds

And every now and then
Like heavy raindrops
They tumble to the ground

At times I am fortunate
I can collect them in my head
And when they fall into a perfect order
A poem may be born

At times I am less attentive
And the moment passes
So they minglemangle as they fall through
And plunge on earth, unharvested.

On those long silenced afternoons
When bashful rays of light
Trace early games on the ground
And gracious birds
warily shake their winter coats
Can we flutter in the wind
Like hopes in a dream?
Can we dare alter in the stream
Like seasons in a life?
Is it then possible to peer beyond
Definite horizons
And sense the tide of it all?
Just as the far side of the moon
cannot long to see the earth
because it does not know
of its existence
I am incapable
to long for realities
unknown to me.
But just as much as the back of the moon
can sense the other realm
when worlds collide
I can suspect the far side
of my being
when gravity implodes.

Mist moving in
over the trembling hills
brushing the trees
with an icy breath
whisking away
the last of coloured leaves.

Oh, the time is coming where
warmth cannot be found
between heaven nor earth no more
and no corner of the land
will give shelter from the wounding cold.

Pitch-dark naked
these trees will stand
like children
reaching out
for a morsel of sun
to nourish them
in a pitiless season.

But, oh, the time will come
when all wintriness
will have an end
and the trees
will be caressed again
by a gentler stroke of nature
then they will gratefully
bloom with a thousand flowers
and replenish with delight anew.

On a forlorn, weary evening
When greedy blush smolders on western plains
Absorbing voraciously the lingering warmth
Of a thousand fields soon shivering;
A faint memory awakens
Tracing the patterns of a secluded past.

On a breezy, sleepy morning
When dewy lights flow over eastern mountains
Diffusing impatiently into the nightsoaked valley
Dabbing the sleep off creation’s eyes;
A faint memory awakens
Shaping the lines of a blurry future.

My heart is as deep as a pond in a moonless night
As an ocean in its bed moving along continents of the unknown
With its deepest crevasses and brooding volcanoes

It is as dark as the blindest cave in a breathless earth

My heart is as light as the sun on an empty sky
As the burning star moving through a million nights of the forgotten
With its brightest rays and lambent flames

My heart is wounded as a soldier of the fiercest wars
As a whale torn to pieces dragged along bloody banks of the slaughter
With its ripped inside and aching surface

It is as delicate as an early flower in the virgin soil

My heart is as innocent as a child’s laughter on a newborn morning
As a morning breeze kissing thousand crops of the yellow wheat
With its cleanest breath and gentle strokes

It is as pure as the novel spring from the blameless mountain peak

But before all
My heart is
as fragile
as brittle parchment

a voracious fire

Like a child leaps out into the unknown
I stagger to reach safe ground
Swaying back and forth
Helpless and
Instincts may not betray

This love is mine

Like an old woman limps of the experienced
I steer away from obstacles
Hobbling high and dry
Powerless and
Instincts have not left…

This love is mine
(But is it yours?)

You and I and all the peoples
Are not meant to wander in the mist
My love
(Remember the fog hovering over the lake
And the forests?
We could scarcely find our course)

Disoriented we were
Did not know where our steps
Would lead
Or if our traces of destiny
Would be swallowed by the clouds
(Remember how we stumbled through the landscape
And the days gone by
As we fought the unshakable?)

You and I and all the peoples
Are meant to dance in the sun
My love
(Remember the slender leaf that fell
Silently between the two of us?
From a different universe it descended
Reminding us that there is a world
To be lived in clarity)

Whereas you and I and all the peoples
Know that some trails
Treaded in the mist
Are reminiscent
Of what was predestined

But I have found the sun
And I am willing to follow its kindness
Just as you and I and all the peoples
Are meant to leave our mellow past
My love
And step into bright life

You were a light hope on a desert wanderer’s mind
A safe smile in a sea of gloomy waters
A honey word in a thousand rainy novels
A palpitating blink out of mindless faces
A sunny breeze through chilly nights and a golden thought on a new morning

You are a soft butterfly blown astray
A warm raindrop lost in oceans of tears
A season in years gone by
A summer out of my heart.

And the afterglow of red evenings still lingers within my soul.

And the wind had died.
The sand started burning.
So my heart thirsted.
I bothered myself with souvenirs
of your fondling and pampering
as well as the sweet nothing
in the pink comfort of dawn

The heat vanished.
The rain of otherness set in
and my sanity recovered
I forced
to recall
your forgetting and neglecting
as well as the bitter tears
in the blue loneliness of dusk.
The down poor passed.
Grass began to eat the dust
As my soul blossomed again.

I wish
for us
to bear in body in mind
our loving and sharing
as well as dear memories
in the black hide-away of night.


I stumbled through the gateways of your kingdom
and into your bundle of hues, melodies,
and flavours
widely opened
for a guest awaited long
I pushed forward to the meadows of blinking roses
and the shorelines of undisclosed oceans
gently waving
for an adventurer to explore

I shied away from dark alluring caves
and fled to the palace of shiny marbles
standing too tall
for a princess to conquer

As I knocked on the portal
and called out your name
it remained unmoving
for me to realize
that I
was merely
trespasser on your soul

In Africa
your feet walk on naked earth
your head is closer to the skies
In Africa
Is where God
rests its head
it grows tired of the World
I should not have been
And yet:
Did not I flutter to whereabouts
between here and some time bygone?
I could have lingered
And yet:
Did not I cast it off to nothingness
between now and some place far away?
It was.
it is.


  1. Nice: I like directness in writing prose or verse. It’s about message, I think, more than about concealing it inside the many layers of beautiful confusion.
    “As I knocked on the portal
    and called out your name
    it remained unmoving
    for me to realize
    that I
    was merely
    trespasser on your soul”…. I like this, as it remind’s me the way I felt many times in yet to be perfected relationships: when you still cannot allow yourself to call it home! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Your poems have a very thought-provoking essence to them…I love that feeling I get:)
    Thank you! I look forward to reading more of your work Eva:)
    Love Zara xo

  3. I wish the poems were separated, so I could comment on each one individually. They’re lovely.

    1. Thanks! I will try to seperate them, it was something I wanted to do before…but could not with my former layout. Maybe now it works. Will see what I can do ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Sensational poems.Art ,music,poetry, painting are to be enjoyed and to be used to open the eyes and the minds of those who live in absolute darkness. Regards.Jalal

  5. This love is mine is precious.
    I steer away from obstacles
    Hobbling high and dry
    Powerless and
    Instincts have not leftโ€ฆ
    Very beautiful, left a thought that i hadn’t thought about in quite sometime. Thank you.

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