Venus closing in

At dawn she stood in front of the door, steaming cup inside of her hands, she noticed a star in the eastern sky. It was dancing brightly towards the earth,

Clover of Four

(for my mother who would have turned 85 today) Betwixt the primal automn air I stroll along on worn out fields; I look for her in glowing leaves that tumble

The eternal transcience

Little petal’s white on the grass They have been thrown – simply to pass Noble peacock’s call in the grove They have been reared – only to rove Tender lamb’s

The life of the dutiful kind

Earlier I had turned the corner, the sleepy morning had cast its fog embracing the buildings, concealing the rivers and folding its breath around those men and creatures who’d already

Trees of complacence

In front of my bedroom window Pine trees brush against the horizon Triangle shades in a waving distance They stand tall in front of existence. They have not asked to

No more Women’s Days

Today I hear a thousand voices aired “Woman are equal, woman are free!” Today I read a thousand words written “Women can do it, women are strong!” Today I see

Buds of sunshine

Beyond any doubt the curtains are drawn the wounds are spread open to dirt and to hurt one eerie lie is disclosed after another. A pile of dead leaves has

To work the Garden

Autumn slowly casts a softer light into the garden that now sheds its weight. The sun is tired, waiting to set, and trees and hedges forget their leaves. We grew

Creature’s hereafter

Life will continue its wondrous perpetuity while what it brings forth, will die in small fractions, for yesterday’s stories to fade in the sun. None of the remaining souls will

Beyond the fences

The garden had been prepared from winter frost for summer dust by hand and by machine to look as humans expect it from a patch of soil bought with a

New artwork

Recently I have been taking up painting again. Well, let’s say this is a bit experimental as I paint on an app. I either draw from scratch on a white

Reluctant culprit

(for all women who fight to live in dignity) I turned around and years had been swallowed and nobody told me life would hasten to judge me again reluctant culprit,

Glorious day!

Yaaaaay! One of my poems was accepted for publishing on this site for social justice poetry! It is on their site now 🤗 My poem is called “A Swansong for

Winter’s burden

Snow weighing heavy on the world hiding the dirt, the ugly, and the grey calming down the hustle of a life less lived covering the wounds of a soil battered

Where is Zambia?

Christmas is looming around the next corner; cards and parcels sent and received. At the post office (I wipe off my shoes) I send off a present to friends in

Imagine black

…imagine that, white spoiled stuffed trash: tomorrow you’d wake up broke, syrian, lame, or black, imagine that…

Redefining positions

how could i not be myself? how could i not listen to what earth was telling me? nature pulled away and i disappeared in appearances i lost my laugh between

Finding Prudence

Where have you been the son of the wisdom The home was abandoned in mighty old storms Where have you been the daughter of patience The garden ran riot in

A spark in the Rainbow

Had longed to hear the colour’s song had searched for substance in the light had called the stars for comfort’s sight but none so far had given way so my