The reticent call of tiny things


Drops of chant
leaves of mist
hands of light
have kissed our lives

and yet we do not realize

birds of airs
rivers of kind
words of light
have served our path

and yet we do not visualize

wanting and longing
running; unceasing
always and ever lagging behind
until destruction lays its veil
upon what once seemed comfortably great

angels of earth
mountains of peace
eyes of aid
have kept our fate

and yet we do not sympathize

songs of dew
clouds of paint
whispers of dust
have lead our step

and yet we do not emphasize

wishing and hoping
bustling; unyielding
always and ever casting about
until cessation lowers its bars
upon what once seemed crucially key

Not morrow and past
not sorrow; unending
always and ever making us bend
until we lose our sacred core
should ever define the here and us

it is up to us to legitimize


  1. We need to not lose our values or inner core, know respect for those tiny special details we walk by or people (and animals) look away from. . . Eva, you give us much to think about and wish to change for the better. ❤

      1. I just blog in spurts and respond when I can, Eva. I would love to say my hours are work are less but they extend ten hours sometimes. Blogging is my mental escape these days, when I get to it. I will try to stay closer in touch. We need to have encouragement. I appreciate yours! 🙂

      2. Yes, It is a bit the same here. I try to fit in my blogging into a hectic schedule. I am not as often here as I would like, but always glad to find familiar ‘faces’. Encouragement is essentiel 🤗

    1. Thank you so much, yes it is something that preoccupies me at the moment, how we forget to live by chasing things we deem important – but in the end, everything becomes relative – so might as well start looking at life from a broader perspective 🙂

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