Notes between the colours

Part 1:

We call for Purple
to turn into night
and find that Green is
common and trite
When Red performs
in fire and motion
then Orange becomes
a reddish devotion
If Blue is reserved
for sky and the water
then yellow is sun
on the hair of your daughter

Part 2

Beware though then…

…when Yellow passes you may not see
the thousand of specks that melt into glee

…when Blue is in motion you may not grasp
the billion of moons that aged in its path

…when Oranges it shivers you may not feel
the rivers and creeks that licked on the keel

…when Red is pounding you may not hear
those words and hearts that batter a weir

…when Green dissolves you may not gather
the ancient ground splitting the dagger

And least of all…

… do we believe that tedious Purple
is more than a colour filling a circle.


  1. I draw, use pen and ink, also acrylics and watercolors. I enjoy almost all the colors, but have trouble with black… it is such a touchy color! Purple is one that once in awhile, separates, it is fun to use this quality to its advantage.

    1. Yes Robin, and purple is a good colour to work with when you need to have shades in a painting…(not black as some might think). I like purple, but I realize that it is not everybody’s favourite 🙂

  2. Oh, the colors have intriguing qualities in this one, Eva! I love mysteries and this is just a wonderful way to make my imagination soar! Great poetic devices!

    1. Thank you Robin, indeed colours bear manyfold misteries…even the way each of us looks at them makes them differ from one another. What gift colours are to us…thanks for reading!

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