A spark in the Rainbow


Had longed to hear the colour’s song
had searched for substance in the light
had called the stars for comfort’s sight

but none so far had given way
so my heart’s howls would all allay.

Was tensed with worries of the bolt
was lost for darkness in my steps
was pained for gloom in all respects

but none so far had reached its aim
that this and all was not in vain.

Had borne the thoughts like cracks of dusk
had carried stones in head and soul
had dragged these bones as piles of coal

but none so far had come to ease
the fear of that futility’s breeze.

But when I turned my glance outside
and there, it was – undoubtedly bright

A rainbow touchdown in my yard.

(…no answers yet, if just a spark)


  1. This has some sadness in the beginning, lingering throughout to me, listening to its tone. I like this ending, giving hope but also am one who likes the dark side of our moods. This was very beautiful, Eva. Thanks for this gift of words in rhyme and such meaning behind! Smiles, Robin

    1. Dear Robin, thank you for your careful reading. I am glad the poem provoked this feelings in you. Because this is linked to the recent death of my mother…although I am not religious, I am always waiting for a sign to know that she is ok now…and the rainbow appearing in my garden was one of them. I prefer to think she sent it, to let me know she is fine.

      1. They are…I still seek people out to come visit. Missed you…glad you appeared (magically???) and had some fresh material to reblog. By the way…your new gravatar…shows you aging gracefully with that fire of compassion in your eyes!!!! 🙂

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