The fate of the rabbit 

I have small rabbit
Caged in a box
A lone little creature
With one floppy ear

It maims but the carrots, and salads, and roots
And still it’s imprisoned on my human moods

I could though release it
Make it run free,
The fox would then eat it
And tear it apart

So I weigh the bad, the doom, and the curse
Against its survival, albeit it’s perverse

How can I establish
When good does more harm
If I am but thinking
in my poor realm

I would have to grow beyond my own zone
A frightening journey into the unknown


  1. Weighing good and bad outcomes is very important to our existence and how we influence the natural world. Thank you for such thoughts. Pets are loved and my brother allowed his bunny to hop around his house and he used a car box with cedar shavings to use as a bathroom.
    We had our bunnies in a large hutch in the back yard. We had a fenced in yard so we let them hop around and even run! I hope they enjoyed their lives. 🙂

      1. I am not sure if my bunnies had quite the life they deserved but my children were younger, still spent time playing with them. Take it easy, heading off to work. xo

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