Potato Heart

© Eva van Beek, 2020

Kindly put that deceit away
There’s no where to march
And no one to blame

We blindfolded ourselves
To conquer the sea
We cheated our hearts
To laugh at kismet
We lied to our soul
To make it believe

Kindly put that disgust away
There’s no where to march
And no one to blame

We imprisoned ourselves
To desire and greed,
We broke our hearts
On trivial bauble
And sold our souls
To jewels of dirt

Kindly put that scorn away
There’s no where to march
And no one to blame

We have rendered our minds
To woeful neglect
We left our hearts
To dry like potatoes
And declared our souls
a tale of the past

Kindly note our nature’s requital
There’s nothing but love
to safe our existence


  1. THIS IS ROCKING (THE BOAT) STUFF! And thank you—it blew my mind to see your Like of my poem, “IS THIS THE BEST OF ALL POSSIBLE WORLDS?” A high honor, being noticed by you and your caliber of work! 😀

      1. I should say…that you were one of the first to visit my newly-begun blog, BY THE MIGHTY MUMFORD, even if WORDPRESS did lose its first two years of existence! 😀 So thank you—you’re my hero! ❤

      2. Haha, don’t know about the hero thing. But I hope your newly put up blog will succeed again and triumph over words lost 🙂

  2. Great write. May I share it on a poetry site of mine? Credit given, link provided, etc. etc.. 🙂 No pressure. Thanks and Cheers to you and yours.

    1. Could you let me know where you have published my poem, was looking on your page and couldn’t find it.
      Thanks again for this fabulous gesture.

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