Winter’s burden

Snow weighing heavy on the world

hiding the dirt, the ugly, and the grey
calming down the hustle of a life less lived
covering the wounds of a soil battered
by solid autumn’s rains

I was growing tired of the torn and hurt

of the winds howling in my head

icy flakes have fallen onto my mind

causing it to quiet and ponder

where has the sun traveled to?

what is humanity hiding from?

Are we not meant to journey

through seasons of all diversity?

It seems as if snow has come to remind me
that one day we all be forgotten
buried somewhere deep within

and naught will be left but spring’s new offering.


  1. The dirt and mess made in the US election is dismaying, Eva. Let’s not cover it up with snow but send out hope of Spring, new beginnings soon. . . Your words: “new offerings.” ❤

    1. Dear Robin, you are so clever to understand what I meant! So glad you are still around 😊 I needed to sort out a fest things last year, and wasn’t sure what I wanted also with my writing. So now I hope to be back here more often again. Because after writing is what I love to do!

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