children honesty hypocrisy lies truth

Redemption, if you will


in the shade of splendid words
we hide our fears
& shed our guilt
defend a house of cards
we will

in the nook of sparkling phrase
we burn our lies
& blow our myth
obscure dishonest ways
we wish

in the hint of polished speech
we store our pain
& stash our doubt
prevent an open breach
we want

but in the eye of sparkling tinge
you find my hue
& touch my sooth
redeem eternal clinch
you shall


    1. Hi Robin! Thank you so much, you always take the time to come back and give feedback, I really appreciate it. I want to go over and see what is going on wit your blog, but will do so tomorrow, if you don’t mind – have to take care of my little family right now 🙂

      1. I liked how you mentioned your little family, Eva. I can picture your husband sculpting as you write and the children drawing or painting or singing or dancing. Your household would be amazing, my friend! smiles.

      2. hahaha Robin…we have quite an uncommon household, but not exactly the way you describe it 🙂 I prefer not to comment on it here in the open…but yes it is my little family and it is veryvery important to me 🙂 thanks for you wonderful comments 🙂

  1. Beautiful Eva. One of the things I struggle with the most is the inability to connect with what many people in the world see as cathartic. In either poetry or stories.
    Many people want to go back to the romanticism era or go back to some other place and time with some other words and find that value that we need to transform the struggle of today into something that is less powerful. One of the reasons I love to read your work is your work is pertinent to today and your work is pertinent to the struggle.
    You and Aka Teraka are two of the people who I am able to connect with in a way that allows me to transform the struggle into something less then the dominant event that it can be. So I thank you

    I know this went on a little, but I was dictating it on my iPhone so I was almost doing stream of consciousness writing

    1. happy to read your stream of consciouness writing 🙂 thank you Jim for always returning, reading, and commenting, reflecting, and giving feedback. Yes, the struggle is there for us all (if you don’t feel it, either you are in some other state of mind or unable to think). There is so much in this life and this world that is awry – poetry helps to focus, to analyze, to digest, and to connect with people who feel the same. It may be “just” poetry, but it speaks to me especially when it is about the struggle. So thank you so much!

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