The Justice of the Lone Swimmer

Woman swimming in a bay
The lone swimmer. artwork, © Eva van Beek 2018

She took a swim in sheltered bay
ploughed through waves to get away
the water gentle on her skin
the air renewed with evening rose
friendly lights at distant shore
remind of home and guarded cover.

No fear of ever being left.
No doubt of ever being lost.

Meanwhile out on a different sea
lives are buried day by day
washed away from homeless shores
fates are crumbling in the waves
swallowed by a cruel ocean
deep and deeper than despair.

No lights to call on rosy shores.
No beam to guide a wrecked soul.

Meanwhile out on that sheltered bay
she kept on swimming to sun was down.
her head refreshed in light contentment
dinner waiting upon return.
A tiny thought, perhaps, for others
doomed to sink with ruptured hopes.

but life continues, and pushes on
for one to return to a warm abode
for others to drown in murky waters.

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