The last days of a ruthless tribe

I realize that bearing the consequences
of my and other generations
is a perpetual mea culpa.

Our race has plundered, exploited, and killed
for hundreds of years
and still we keep going,
not bothering

No, because
we leave for holidays away from home
we go and leisure, ski, and hike
and we do yoga and go shop.
Have a nice day.

I realize that conceding the mistakes
of my and our dominant tribe
is a distressing awakening.

Our race has ridiculed, humiliated, and crushed
for hundreds of year
and still we persevere,
not accepting

No, because
this is our freedom of expression
these are our values to defend
this is our autonomy.
Have a nice day.

I realize that brooding on failures
of my and our pale-faced clan
is an endless contemplation.

Our race has destroyed, polluted, and changed
for hundreds of years
and we still continue,
not realizing

No, because
we buy fair trade and organic
we recycle, safe, recover,
and donate for animals and the poor.
Have a nice day.

I realize that analyzing the behaviour
of my and our commanding kin
is an infinite altercation.

Our race has excluded, disdained, and blamed
for hundreds of years
and we still carry on,
not empathising

No, because
we are scientifically advanced
we own democracy, equality
and built our wealth all by ourselves.
Have a nice day.

I realize that looking at the hypocrisy
of my and our colour of folk
is a helpless battle in itself

and I have no clue

on how to make

all those


right again.


  1. I feel guilty and my parents always told us we were the lucky ones and show kindness to everyone. Eva, just try to do simple and small kind acts. We can’t fix the world, but we can make a difference! 💞 🙏 Peace! 🕊

    1. I know, and the simple, kind acts are not the easiest one! I tell you this as a former employee of Doctors Without Borders and the UN. You think by trying to work for humanity as a whole you may save the world, but often forget, that people around you are those who need your kindness most. It is easier to want to make the world a better place than making your family a better place, I learned this the hard way and I am still learning 😊

      1. I appreciate this suggestion, Eva. I will try to start closer to home. ❤ Thank you for sharing your personal experiences, too.

  2. We live as morally as we can. Follow the golden rule, keep up the good fight, provide feedback to the tribe…

      1. PS: the chinese might replace us as dominant people….Deep inside of me I hope that we do not need hegemony anymore… but again this may be wishful thinking

      2. That depends on how much you do. We all do what we can. And we all can do a lot more…..It ain’t easy. Keep up the good fight!

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