New artwork

Recently I have been taking up painting again. Well, let’s say this is a bit experimental as I paint on an app. I either draw from scratch on a white virtual sheet of paper like I did for the “painting” of the nude below – or I take a photo as a base, and then alter and change it as I go. This is all possible on an app. It is virtual painting and amazing how close to the experience of real painting it is. The app only gives you the tools, you have to accomplish the tasks. Still it is of course far from the real thing. But it is good to train your eye and your skills. Because it is still you who has to choose the colour, the paint, the tool and how it all comes together.  The poem that I published yesterday was headed by one of those artworks. I will try and keep doing this in the future, because it gives a more individual style to my blog. (you can check the other paintings by clicking either here or on the top left corner on “New artwork”.

After a while… Artwork 2018


  1. This looks like a lovely portrait, Eva! I have always liked your multiple mediums projects. You are so talented and creative! 🌈 Robin

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