Quest for Queendom

This post was written for Sakshis’ Blog, which you can find here. She is (in her own words) “An Electrical Engineer by profession, A poet at heart, A drama queen in real life” and has many brilliant ideas. One such idea  was to write a poem for  each letter of the alphabet. She  invited others to choose a letter and to contribute a guest poem on her blog.  This is my contribution. I choose the letter Q. This post is also an opportunity to introduce one of my other passions in life: To make collages of  all sorts of material, for example cardboard or things I find in thrift stores or flea markets:

Quest for Queendom EvB2013Quench your Qualms
and Quibble not;

Quit to Quaver
and ignore the Quandary.

Start your Query
and Quest for truth …

then life will follow to the Quick

Do not be Quaint
nor be Quadruped;

Question deeply
and ponder your Quotes.

Find that Quality
in Queerest Quarters…

then you will get that Quid pro Quo

Embrace the Quirky
and do not Quip;

search for Quiet
and use your Quickness.

Quiz all Quantity
and Quite each thing…

then Queendom surely is to come…


  1. It is so hard to use “Q’s” and your tribute to Shakshis’ Blog is wonderful! Eva, you are so talented and giving to others, I see this in many of your posts. Your original artwork is beautiful, Eva! Your use of colors and textures really caught my eyes! Take care and so thankful for your sharing on my post about your family and your husband, too. Heritage and culture is something we have in common. Hugs, Robin

    1. THank you Robin, you are very very kind. Poetry and art as such should be giving, well that is my opinion at least. Art and poetry for its own sake becomes very vain. There should be a message if you ask me. But Robin, your comments are very encouraging. Sometimes you tinker and rhyme in your own corner, not knowing if it reaches anyone out there. So thank you so much for taking so much time. I am a keen follower of your posts too…your life and your stories are inspiring too.

  2. i kept highlighting a phrase to cut and paste in this comment, and then i just gave up trying to choose. this whole poem is brilliant. love the Q. 🙂

      1. hhmm…now i have to think of a new adjective besides brilliant knowing that. honestly, i’m just trying to digest this information, that’s really Quite amazing! 🙂

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