Wretched Easter

IMG_1486It tosses and spins
my body is skins

(and I cannot hold
for sunbeams to crush
the implacable slush)

It creeks and groans
my organs are bones

(and I cannot wait
for flowers to birth
through ice-covered earth)

It howls and feigns
my muscles are veins

(and I cannot fathom
the sun so clutched
that it cannot be touched)


  1. this relatively new blogger, writer and poet sincerely thanks you for liking some of my work on 20 Lines A Day, the encouragement means a lot to me. and kudos to you for working with Doctors Without Borders, and rejecting injustice in all it’s forms. i share your passion.

    i liked your poem when it posted, now with my S.A.D. in full gear and a still wretched April here in Chicago…….:-[
    i had to write my own poem on the matter.

    your words are wonderful::::merci::::and keep the light.

    1. Thank you for your kindness and your kudos. But there are people out there who do the work inmidst all misery every day of their lives and they do it out of the limelight. They 13 year old Syrian boy who lost his mother and works as a medical helper in a makeshift hospital, the 90 year old grandfather who teaches street children in India, the woman who fights for young girls rights in Morocco, the young architect who studied in England and then returns to his Westafrican homecountry to build suistainable houses for his fellow countrymen…they are the real heros to me.
      Of course I liked your poem because it is inspiring. Hopefully I can read more posts in the future 🙂

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