Libretto for My Beloved

Look me up when moonlight calls, roll me in your gentle dreams
soak me with your animus
and guide me through your reverie.

Take me on this twilight fancy, hold me in your lunar gaze
wrap me with your starlit laugh
and chase away those mares of night.

The sun purloins nocturnal cloaks, strips us bare of cosmic bonds
tend me through the days of ire
and lead me back to evening’s tomb.


  1. Thank you Sakshi, yes love to take up the challenge – which letter would you like me to use as an inspiration – random?
    Let me know! Very good idea!

  2. Just a random thought in the middle of the night, would you be interested in doing a guest post on my blog? Write a poem taking one alphabet as a muse?
    Check my recent poetry on in case you want to get an idea about my crazy initiative of writing with alphabets as a muse..

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