The myth of humanity

The mountains bask on violent mist
to breath untainted, polished air
The waters long for  pebbles on shore
in quest of peace with a land dressed in anger

Blood dripping from hands of fatuitous people
They suck the life from earth and children

Where is the place where knowledge prevails
and chases all ignorance, greed, and pain?

We are not innocent
We are not gentle
We are not wise

And we all look out for ourselves
and slam our doors shut for others to die
Humanity is a myth

The roses root in a weary soil
to breath unspoiled, silent darkness
The trees long for birds up above
in search of stillness in a wind clad in fury

Despair welling up in countless eyes
They soak the heavens with soundless blame

Where is the place where silence triumphs
and mutes all clamor, cries, and riot?

We could be innocent
We could be gentle
We could be wise

And we all could look out for each other
and keep our doors open for others to live
Humanity is a myth (?)

1 Comment

  1. us humans are always trying to fool ourselves into thinking we are humane 🙂 even as we ruin the land in the pursuit of progress and humanity.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier, i hope you find something interesting 🙂

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