The journal of a blistered country


The morning gust
dispersing the dust
the sweeping sound
of brooms on ground
the veil of fire
exhausting the pyre

the mumbling of the early voices
to absorbing sky
the promise of the heat and hunger
on disheveled shacks

the midday low
of cattle and glow
the rustling note
of dearth’s abode
a horizon of blaze
melting the haze

the desperate cry of men and children
by relentless sand
the knowledge of enduring plight
in a sweltering brain

the evening’s weight
on absence and wait
the merciless hint
of coming day’s stint
the night on the rise
gives strife a disguise

the chilling caw of slaughtered beasts
through forgotten bush
the rumour of a kingdom come
in a desolate earth

8 thoughts on “The journal of a blistered country

  1. These powerful words make me weep, Eva. Thanks for the way you spread the tireless word about humanity and its needs. Water. Also, wishing the ebola virus would not hurt anyone. Alas, sand covering bodies, is an image I may carry around for quite some time due to this hauntingly “desperate pleas” poem… Hugs, Robin

    • It was inspired what I saw in Angola (immediately after the ceasefire had been signed) – people desperate in need for anything, most of all food. Children were starving, I remember one child in particular, supposedly 4 years old, that had been shrinked to a small tiny grandfather-baby…the hunger had started to affect its brain, and it was literally starved to madness – it lay in the arms of a desperate father who could not feed it anymore. We came too late – the child died the next night. This is one of the stories that I witnessed and have affected me greatly. How can we tolerate that people, children die of hunger, sickness and thirst when it would be perfectly preventable? I went home knowing that my life is but a pure incident of chance – I have been born in land of plenty, but for 80% of the people on this earth, this is not the case. But it should be. Thanks as always Robin, your comments are really helping me too. hugs Eva

  2. Indeed, our world is still a very unequal place and where on one continent, we discard mobile phones every few months for a higher OS, on another, we still battle hunger and heat…. thank you for reminding us that we should strive to become an ‘equal opportunity planet’.

    • Thank you for your comment mj! Yes, I really believe that we (consumer society) live off other peoples lives exploiting their resources and manpower to suit our comfortable lifestyles. Only a few are the winners here, the majority looses out. I don’t know what the solution is – typing is easy, but trying to find solutions is really hard. But: After having tried to do something about this in other countries far away from my own, I realized that inequality and lack of opportunity also exists in my own backyard. And that I believe is where I can contribute and try to do so.

  3. Terribly beautiful words and imagery that evoke the plight of the people and their land. Thank you for sharing this haunting poem.

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